नांदेड येथील डॉ.अर्चना बजाज आणि डॉ.लक्ष्मीकांत बजाज यांचे सुपूत्र डॉ.मधुर बजाज यांनी आपल्या शब्दात लिहिलेली फुलपाखराबद्दलची कविता आम्ही वाचकांसाठी प्रसिध्द करत आहोत.
There you stand
looking at me
you think you have vision
but you can’t seewhat’s gotten into you
tell me buddy
you talk about yourself
claiming you’re NOBODYI’m one with no clue
no goal, no purpose
simply fooling around
a lone performer of circus

I’m one with no friends
no one to call MY OWN
being tired of all this
tired of being ALONE

You might think
every part of this is funny
how will you know
i get stings while you drink honey

Oh, i wish you saw
what i can see
an entrapped body
crying to be free

You say you are nobody
aloof and alone
for others that might bring laugh
for me it brings groan

You are a butterfly
ignorant of your beauty
you think you are ugly
in reality you are a cutie

It’s about time i show you
how high you can soar
you are that key
which can unlock any door

Take care, fly high,
reach out to stars
i believe in you
cause i know you’ll raise all the bars

Believe me when i say
you aren’t just no one
you are my buddy
And not just anyone

    – Dr. Madhur Bajaj

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